Pillar Three

Professionalisation, Skills and Academic Development

The aim is to enable digital technology to be used to its full potential.

Led by Professor Wendy Dearing, the aim is to enable digital technology to be used to its full potential, the development of digital skills and professional standards for the current workforce and those up and coming is paramount.

To support this WIDI has been committed, from the start to inspiring and encouraging the establishment of professional standards in the field of Health Informatics, developing academic qualifications and personal development opportunities for full time digital degree students, as well those working in health and care and offer lifelong learning in digital and health informatics.

Opportunities have led to professional digital courses and accredited qualifications being developed from a Level 2 Health Informatics right through to PhD’s in specialised career-based doctorates.

All these are delivered by working with the world class expert teaching staff within the WIDI Partnership. Not only does WIDI support those already working with digital technology, we are also supporting those whose roles are evolving following the implementation of digital systems into their daily tasks.

The development and encouragement of fulltime students, our workforce of the future, is vital and we aspire to share individual practice, international experience and expertise of those currently working with our partnership organisations from a local and national perspective.