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iHumanities Distance Learning

Whatever distance-learning course you choose to study with us, you’ll be taught by specialists in the subject. All our lecturers have many years’ experience of teaching from a distance.

If you are interested in a research degree with us, then it is recommended that you contact one of our Team below in the first instance for an informal discussion.

Ancient World


Associate Professor Katharina Zinn

Associate Professor for Egyptian Archaeology and Heritage

Material culture/materiality (including texts), history, religion, art, gender, memory, museums (unprovenanced objects, object biographies, intangible heritage, identity) using case studies from ancient Egypt.

Dr Matthew Cobb

Lecturer in Ancient History

Ancient Mediterranean integration into wider Indian Ocean networks of exchange (primarily 300 BCE to 700 CE); Graeco-Roman diplomatic, economic and cultural interaction with the East.

Ancient Languages

Ruth Parkes

Dr Ruth Parkes

Senior Lecturer in Classics

Greek and Latin literature, epic, Statius, Claudian, and Classical tradition.


Dr Magdalena Öhrman

Senior Lecturer in Classics

Textile research, and Latin literary engagement with textiles and material culture. Her work is both emphatically philological (relying on literary, metrical and stylistic analysis) and strongly connected to neighbouring disciplines of ancient history, archaeology, and experimental archaeology.

Errietta Bissa

Dr Errietta Bissa

Senior Lecturer in Classics

The Greek economy, particularly state intervention in trade. Universal historiography, particularly Diodoros. Sexuality and gender in the ancient world. Slavery in classical Athens. The Athenian epimeletai accounts.


Tristan Nash

Dr Tristan Nash

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Moral Philosophy, Applied Ethics

Rebekah Humphreys

Dr Rebekah Humphreys

Lecturer in Philosophy

Environmental Philosophy, Animal Ethics, Issues of Justice, Sustainability and Climate Ethics.

David Cockburn

Professor David Cockburn

Current research focuses on the areas of mind, language and love. Presently offering research degree supervision in the areas of Wittgenstein and the philosophy of religion.

Religious Studies and Theology

Angus Slater

Dr Angus M Slater

Lecturer in Theology & Interfaith Studies

The interaction between religious faiths and the way that they conceptualize the other. Christian theological and Islamic legal approaches to issues of dialogue, authority, power, identity, and narrative.

Rhodri Rhys Thomas

Rhodri Rhys Thomas

Lecturer in Religious Studies

Rhodri was appointed as Lecturer in Religious Studies in 2016. Prior to that, he was in receipt of a research scholarship from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, under which scheme he was able to make a substantial contribution to UWTSD’s provision of Welsh medium tuition. Rhodri’s academic interests are wide-ranging, and he teaches modules on both the Abrahamic faiths and the major Eastern religions. His research to date includes work on the relationship between religion and ecology.


Bettina Schmidt

Prof Bettina E. Schmidt

Professor in Study of Religions and Anthropology of Religion

Anthropology of Religion, Religious Experience, Latin America, Caribbean, African derived religions, Spirituality, Wellbeing, and issues of gender and ethnicity.

Jessica Keady

Dr Jessica Sanford

Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Gender

The Dead Sea Scrolls (particularly the sectarian manuscripts and the Purity Texts), interpretations of the Hebrew Bible/Second Temple literature from a gendered perspective.


Professor Gary R. Bunt

Professor of Islamic Studies

Islam, Muslims and the Internet; Islam in the UK, religious authority, Muslim politics, religious symbolism, Islam in Pakistan, Islam in Malaysia, medical ethics.

Catrin Willams

Professor Catrin H. Williams

Professor in New Testament Studies

New Testament, especially Johannine studies; ancient Judaism; reception of Scripture; ancient media culture.


Dr Timothy Baylor

Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies

Current research focuses on the moral and theological commitments that establish Christian arguments for the necessity of the incarnation.

Cultural Astronomy

Bernadette Brady

Dr Bernadette Brady


Cosmologies, Qualitative research methodologies, the cultural role of the sky in society, the anthropology of land and sky in particular Egyptian astronomy and Celtic cosmologies.


Associate Professor Nick Campion

Associate Prof. in Cosmology and Culture, Director of Sophia Centre

History of astrology and astronomy as well as the place of both disciplines in contemporary culture; utopian, millenarian and apocalyptic belief, magic, New Age and pagan ideas and practices, and the nature of belief in general.

Chinese Studies

Ying Jiao

Ms Yiying Jiao

Lecturer in Chinese Studies

My research interests are mainly in classical Chinese philosophy in general; practical implications and Influences of Classical Chinese philosophy in contemporary Chinese society; Confucian and Daoist happiness and wellbeing; Global Citizenship Education in the Confucian perspective and intercultural communication between the West and China.


Thomas Jansen

Associate Professor Thomas Jansen

Associate Professor in Chinese Studies

Thomas’s interests cut broadly across the fields of history, religion and literature in imperial China, but centre on the Six Dynasties Period (AD 220-589) and sectarian religious texts (baojuan 寳卷). His current project is entitled Religious Text Production in Late Imperial China: Social, Religious, and Performative Aspects of Chinese Sectarian Scriptures from the 16th to 19th centuries and will explore the manifold interactions between religious texts and their users.

Prof Yanxia Zhao

Professor Yanxia Zhao

Professor in Chinese Studies, Director of the Confucius Institute

Chinese philosophy and religion, Daoist wellbeing and self-healthcare, Confucian Ethics, Chinese myth and history.

Archaeology and Anthropology

Louise Steel

Professor Louise Steel

Professor in Mediterranean Archaeology

Bronze Age Cyprus and the wider East Mediterranean); Materiality and the New Materialisms; Interconnections in the Bronze Age Mediterranean; Representations in the East Mediterranean.


Dr Luci Attala

Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology

Materialities frameworks, posthumanism and multi-species ethnographies with specific attention afforded to water. She has conducted regular ethnographic fieldwork with the Giriama in Bore Koromi near Malindi in the Coastal Province of Kenya since 2010.

Dr Ros Caord

Dr Ros Coard

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

Plio-Pleistocene fossil assemblages and faunal analysis, Vertebrate taphonomy, Human evolution and the archaeology of the earliest humans.


Quentin Drew

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology / Heritage

Quentin covers a range of archaeological and heritage related themes including field and excavation practice, conflict/battlefield archaeology, visualisation and representation, museums, difficult heritages and dark tourism.


Nigel Nayling

Professor Nigel Hayling

Chair in Archaeology

Modern and Medieval History

Alexander Scott

Dr Alex Scott

Lecturer in Modern History

Modern cultural history, with a specific focus on the histories of cities and museums. He is also interested in the politics of memory and theories of modernity and postmodernity, and how these relate to the practices and discourses of historians.


Dr Harriett Webster

Lecturer in Medieval History

Medieval History, monasticism, historical writing, canonisation and saint-making, manuscript studies, digital humanities.


Dr Lester Mason

Lecturer in Modern History

The Great War and west Wales, and in particular war commemoration and memorialisation.

Welsh and Celtic Studies

Jane Cartwright

Professor Jane Cartwright

Prof. of Welsh and Director of the MA in Celtic Studies

Medieval Welsh history and literature, hagiography and saints’ cults, Arthurian literature and Celtic sanctity and spirituality.

Yr Athro Jane Cartwright

Athro’r Gymraeg a Chyfarwyddwr y radd MA Astudiaethau Celtaidd

Hanes a llenyddiaeth Cymru’r Oesoedd Canol, bucheddau a chyltiau’r seintiau, llenyddiaeth Arthuraidd , sancteiddrwydd ac ysbrydolrwydd Celtaidd.


Professor Mary-Ann Constantine

Professor of Celtic Studies at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies

Romantic-era Welsh literature in both Welsh and English, travel writing, the Welsh Tour, and the writings of Thomas Pennant (1726-98).

Prof John T

Professor John T. John Koch

Historical linguist specialising in early Celtic languages

Language, Literature, and Writing

Peter Mitchel

Dr Peter Mitchell

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature

Early Modern English literature (especially the work of Shakespeare, John Donne, Samuel Purchas, Phineas Fletcher, and John Milton); the history, philosophy, theology and law of medicine, particularly anatomy, in the early modern period; bibliography; post-structuralist, historicist, materialist, and psychoanalytic critical theory.

Jeni Williams

Dr Jeni Williams

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern English Literature

Ongoing work on the unstable boundaries of gender and culture, and on the uncertain relations between the two. This work continues to complement Jeni’s interest in the Anglophone writings and wider culture(s) of Wales and feed into her deep interest in other cultures.

Andrew Currie

Mr Andrew Currie

Lecturer in Celtic Studies and Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Applied linguistics, biocultural diversity, social history of the Brittonic languages.


Professor Ann Parry Owen

Professor Ann Parry Owen

Medieval Welsh poetry and language, Senior Editor at the University of Wales Dictionary

Mae’r Athro Ann Parry Owen yn arbenigo yn iaith a barddoniaeth Gymraeg yn yr Oesoedd Canol ac mae’n Olygydd Hŷn gyda Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru.


Professor Heather Williams

Research Fellow

Comparative literature, French, Welsh, Brittany, translation studies, travel writing.

Hywel Lewis

Dr Hywel Lewis

Programme Director for MA Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Involved in various aspects of bilingualism including education and other sociolinguistic issues as a member of international organisations which support and promote multilingualism globally, including the Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL)and the Educational Society of the European Regions, being an honorary member and vice-chairman respectively.

i-Humanities Administrators

Professor Catrin Williams, Academic Director, Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Errietta Bissa, Assistant Academic Director (Undergraduate)

Dr Thomas Jansen, Assistant Academic Director (Postgraduate)