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The ancient cultures around the Mediterranean inspire and influence even today, far beyond their original geographical confines. From political systems and propaganda to video games and movies, we continue to draw on the ancient world to understand our own. Critical investigation both of ancient societies in their own right, and of the use we make of them today, has never been more important.

Ancient Worlds at Lampeter:
A Wide Umbrella

At UWTSD Lampeter, we offer postgraduate programmes that allow you to explore the ancient world from a range of perspectives. You can specialise on a geographical area or a period, or broader themes like religion, moving from Egypt and the Bronze Age in the Near East and the Aegean into the Graeco-Roman world.

All programmes share a research methodology module, making sure that you not only acquire the skills and techniques that you need for your own area of study, but also that you gain an awareness of how different ancient cultures connect to each other and the world around them.

Ancient Worlds at Lampeter:
Interdisciplinarity is Key

While students specialise in different areas, the fact that our research methodology module is shared between all degree schemes focussed on the ancient world reflects our way of working: our staff put interdisciplinarity at the heart of what they do, too. At Lampeter, archaeologists, Egyptologists, and ancient historians work together in both teaching and research, learning from each other to expand our understanding of life in the ancient world.

Our staff have published or contributed to a range of books with an interdisciplinary focus, dealing issues ranging from with material culture and sensory experience to concepts of globalisation in the ancient world:

Find your passion

Some of us are captivated by the art and society of ancient Egypt, some by the palaces of the bronze age, and some of us focus on the Greek and Roman world. At UWTSD, we offer five degree schemes on the ancient world:

The MA Ancient Civilisations has the widest geographical and chronological reach: although rooted in the study of early cultures around the Mediterranean, modules on this degree scheme can take you from ancient China to the Celtic world. The MA Ancient History has the Greek and Roman worlds at its core, but modules like The Classical World in a Global Context or Screening the Past: Film and History – Ancient, Medieval, Modern reminds us of its reach. If you are looking for a thematic exploration of cult and religion in the ancient world, the MA Ancient Religions is for you.

Working with Experts

Regardless of what aspect of the ancient world you are interested in, you will have the opportunity to work with experts in your chosen field. Staff take particular pleasure in bringing their own work straight to your seminar, whether it is on the ancient economy or on religion. Modules like Art and Representation in the Ancient Near East or Textiles in the Ancient World allow you to engage directly with emerging research.


Here, Dr Magdalena Öhrman presents her work on textile iconography in Rome:

And here, Dr Louise Steel discusses a figurine from Cyprus, her particular area of expertise:

Interested? Getting started

Our ancient world courses are open to you whether or not you have a background in this area. Indeed, many of our students come from other disciplines and backgrounds.

We have a wealth of experience providing postgraduate qualifications from the online classroom, straight to your door, whether in the UK or across the globe.  

A flourishing postgraduate community

Our students are located all over the globe, and we have a range of research and course-related activities that encourage a sense of community amongst our all postgraduates; you’ll be part of this supportive and vibrant community, where you can chat to one another via various online forums and webinars.

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